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Donations of any kind are helpful. They help keep tuition prices low, the building warm especially during our cold winters and the teachers motivated to give children the best education they deserve.

One of the core values at Old Believer Private School is the belief that everyone deserves access to a high quality education. Our commitment is to create that opportunity for all current and future students. We are always appreciative of any support, which helps us provide an exceptional educational experience. Get in touch to learn more.

How You Can Help: Courses

Amazon Wishlist Donations

Donate towards the building

Help us keep our building up to date and in perfect working order for our students!

Outdoor equipment

Help us get some outdoor/playground equipment.

School supplies

This is what we will always need, so all your donations are greatly appreciated.

fundraising Supplies

These fundraising supplies will be available for anyone that wants so fundraise to help to pay for tuition costs.

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